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Well, Blast My Ears!

Every morning I drive my high schooler to, yep, you got it – school.  She has to be there by 7:15 so we’re up and going pretty early.  When 7:00 a.m. rolls around, we grab our jackets, her backpack and, of course, the dog.  The dog needs to get out of the house too and heaven forbid he might miss out on something.   We buckle up (yes the dog too), open the garage door, start the engine, turn on the heated seats (it’s still chilly in the mornings) and back out onto the street.  The radio is was left on at low.  We’re settled and on our way.  And every morning, she reaches over to the console and cranks the tunes.  And every morning I turn it down from my steering wheel. She gives me “the look” and turns it up again.  Mind you, it’s only 2-mile drive to school from our house.  In between watching for kids, bikes, cycles, cars and who knows what else, she and I are going back and forth over the radio.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t take the loud radio when I’m not fully awake yet.

.     We never did that to our parents, did we?  Noooooo, never!  Un-uh, I never did that.  Boy, am I getting old?  Guess my hearing’s not going yet!

..                                              Phew!