Teens Now and Then

Every morning I drive my daughter to school.  She’s in high school so it’s always an interesting drive and never the same but yet always the same. 

  • There’s the girl walking two blocks away taking her good-natured time, eating what looks like yogurt and will be lucky to make it to class by the second bell.
  • There is the blue-eyed blonde-haired jock-type guy driving his teeny-tiny yellow scooter.
  • The Justin Bieber look-alike (why any high school kid would want to look like Justin Bieber is beyond me!  He’s got such a bad rap!).
  • The geek whose ears and nose are too big for his face.  Oh, yeah, glasses too.  (Must be a freshman so he’ll probably grow into his features yet.)
  • The cheerleader-type girl with the sparkly backpack.
  • The kids walking in the roadway and won’t move even when there is a car directly behind them.

Everything is so much the same, just variations of from then and now.  You can even pick out the son/daughter/niece/nephew of kids that we went to school with!

  • The kids carry backpacks.  We just carried our books in our arms.
  • Scooters instead of bikes or motorcycles.
  • Eco-cars instead of souped-up hot rods.  Remember when the parking lot would be full of hot rods?
  • We had cooler eye glasses.  The black-framed glasses the kids wear today we’d never be caught in because they were finally out of style!
  • Flared jeans now were call bell-bottoms.  Groovy!
  • They all have ear buds in their ears.  We didn’t have anything like that.  8-Tracks were too big to carry around but we did have earphones (which are coming back, btw!)
  • If you saw a police car at the school back then, Ooooo…. someone was in deep trouble!  Police are everywhere today.

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