Coloring Eggs

Family Fun Coloring Easter Eggs

As deeply as our family believes in Christ’s death and resurrection, our family loves celebrating the new life that spring brings to us including the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, Easter hunts, candy and baskets.  This also means we love to make a big production of coloring eggs a day or two before Easter.  Mom buys the Paas 9-color dye (not the six, it has to be the nine) and mixes each one in a white coffee mug (it has to be white so you can see what color is in the mug!).  The mugs all sit on a layer of wax paper laid over a layer of paper towel.  There is a spoon next to each mug to ensure that we don’t mix spoons, thus mixing colors.  Then we put an egg in each mug and…

….       sit there…….    waiting……..  talk a little…..  wait……….   eat some chocolate…..    and wait some more…… .

Then after about 10 minutes, we start checking the color.  One or two eggs might come out, but often, most of them need more time before they reach the bright colors we like.  So we…

….       wait….   and wait….  talk a little more…..  eat some more chocolate…..   and wait.

Finally, we’re able to take the rest of the eggs out.  Then we start the process all over again.  This takes us about 3 hours because we each about two dozen eggs to color, thus coloring six dozen!

But the result?  FANTASTIC!


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